Surprise !!!! Kitchen Remodel Inside.

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Yes we did it ! We finally had the strength to get our kitchen remodeled. Im that type of person that can sit on Pinterest all night and enjoy looking at pretty house remodeled pictures . In my mind I probably redid my kitchen 70 times. Having three kids, cleaning ,cooking , working and schooling usually puts all my projects behind. In this project I had the privilege to collaborate with some of the amazing companies .

Here is a picture before the whole remodel started.

I can't really say my kitchen is really ugly but its definitely outdated . This project took me few weeks to complete since I needed a lot of help from my husband and he works full time .

Quick easy steps:

1. take all the cabinet drawers off

2. clean all cabinets and cabinet drawers with liquid TSP substitute cleaner

3. Make sure they dry . Then sand cabinets down with either a specialized tool or by hand. I personally used hand one . Sandblaster paper 80-grit. Sand down the first layer . Make sure not to ruin edges or textures of the door.

4. Vacuum all the drawers , cabinet and cabinet doors from sand dust .

5. Wipe with TSP substitute cleaner . Leave to dry .

6 . Once everything is dry I painted all cabinets with a oil base paintbrush and Lowes Kitchen cabinet paint . I picked Ultra White color. You might have to do several coats. I did about 4 coats . Make sure to have each coat dry and lightly sand in between 1st and 2nd coat .

7. We spray painted all the the cabinet drawers and doors . This helped to have a more natural and perfect layer .

By this point I was already excited that the project was slowly coming along .

Can't finish my project without this guy . His been so excited to crawl and explore all the empty cabinets .


Boom ! Yay cabinets are up.

You might of noticed in this picture that we started putting up some tiles on the wall . These tiles are designed by Smart Tiles . They are so easy to install . No special tools or experience needed . All you have to do is peel and stick . You definitely will need to use some measuring around the outlets but that about it .

Here is a more close up picture of BEFORE the Smart Tiles were installed .

And here is AFTER . These tiles added so much style to my kitchen walls. Best part of all I didn't have to hire any special tile installer which meant I SAVED LOTS of $$$$$.

Highlights of this amazing products are:

1. No grout ,No mess and No special tools

2. You can install directly over existing tile or smooth surfaces

3. No additional glue required

4. Install it yourself and save $$$$

Smart Tiles have verity of styles in stock . Visit to find your look today. You can transform any room in your house with these tiles .

Moving forward with our project . We needed to change out our sink and faucet . You might not see it well in this photo ,but after putting three plates and few cups inside the sink it looks super full. I was getting really frustrated how quickly our sink gets overflown with dishes.

I spent so many nights looking at images trying to find THE SINK. After searching one evening on Instagram I came across Sinkology page and they had beautiful wide and deep sinks at affordable cost .

Sinkology sink and Pfister faucet arrived super quickly to my surprise . I think I had to wait longer for my husband to install it -than waiting for it to arrived.

We had to wait for Sunday to roll in, so we can have one full day .

Heads up ! Taking everything out took a very long time . I would say a good 1.5 hours . Now my husband is not a plumber (keep that in mind) ,but he did a great job making sure everything is done correctly . I could say his a perfectionist but again with my help. Wink ! Wink ! :)

Here it is. Isn't it beautiful ?

As I mentioned above our sink is from Sinkology. We chose Camille all-in-one granite composite sink in canvas white color . The sink has a rich white color with texture of composite granite. This sink is drop in and comes with disposal drain .

The installation was super easy since all the important hardware was included . Camille sink is super deep and I'm actually excited to start cooking and bathing Levi in there.

Dimensions of the sink is 33"x 22"x 9" . Yesterday after eating breakfast i put my dirty dishes inside the sink and my daughter said "wow mom! its like a needle in hay stack " lol So true it super deep .

You can find this exact sink on sinkology website

or home depot

Sinkology has variety of sinks that come in different sizes and styles. Are you looking for Granite, Apron , Copper, Grey or White sinks ? Sinology has something to fit your personal style. You can easily find one that you'll love at your local home depot .

When we were choosing a faucet we wanted it to have a little farmers look to it . Stainless Steal Zuri single handle pull down sprayer by Pfister Faucet was the one we absolutely fell in love with . The side handle can be easily adjusted from hot to cold . The flexibility of this faucet is so great. It makes washing vegetable , fruits or rinsing dishes 100% easier . You definitely feel the good quality of this faucet when pushing the buttons and turning the handle.

Pfizer Faucet can be found in Home Depot :

You guys can't even imagine how much a good quality sink and faucet adds personality to your kitchen . Kitchen would never be complete without these two elements.

To complete our remodeling we still need appliances.

We are currently in search for a microwave, range and dishwasher . I'm really picky about it ! Once we pick something we like I'll make sure to do a blog post update.

Stay Tuned ........

P.S. Levi loves loves taking baths in our new sink :)

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